• Image of Gold Derby Track Pin

Show you love roller derby with this SHINY pin! Limited edition! Did I mention it is SHINY? I did? Good. It's very shiny.

Lasercut mirror gold acrylic pin badge, with safety fastening. Shaped like a roller derby track, complete with corner slideout, ten foot markers, Jammer Line and Pivot Line. May have a protective film layer on top, so peel off before wearing for Maximum Shiny.

POSTAGE: £1.50 P&P; per order UK, £3.50 Europe, £4.00 USA and rest of world. Note on postage: I have brought these rates down as much as I can, but packaging and fees mean they can't be completely rock bottom. I suggest ordering with your friends as I can post several for the same postage as one...

(If an order for a *huge* bundle of them trips over a weight/cost bracket and I need to charge extra I'll let you know, but they're super light so don't see it being an issue for most multiple orders)

Made in collaboration with the excellent Robot Panda (aka The Laser Panda).

No preorder this time... these are available NOW while stocks last!

CAT TESTED; CAT APPROVED (note: not actually tested on cats. Just held for Harley to sniff, and it was a stunt badge with no pin. Please don't set the RSCPA on me...)